The realm of science is a constant state of change and updating. Sadly, so many people base their beliefs on science and don’t realize that their lives are tethered to a drifting mass of opinions. I will try to update the site with valid information and thoughts to help you in your search for truth within science. It will be a tough journey, but will be rewarding nonetheless.

There are three main areas of science in which scientists who are also Christians are taking the offensive and pioneering the next exciting leap in science. These are 1) information theory, 2) the resolution of the time issue, and 3) the hydroplate theory, which is solid in its explanation of earth's geology.

Sadly, the majority of people who besmirch scientists who are also Christians, don't realize that we have moved well past the days of dogmatically defending bad creationism and attacking mineral to man theories.

Have a look around on this page and I think you'll agree that it is a very exciting time to be a Creationist!

Resources for information theory:

The Discovery Institute

Information, why is it so important?

Intelligent Design


Resources for the decrease in the speed of light:

Decrease in the Speed of Light information (possibly the most profound discovery in the last century, and creation scientists as leading the way!)


Resources for the Hydroplate Theory:

In the Beginning by Walt Brown (Hydroplate Theory)


Additional resources for papers and research:

Was Darwin wrong?


Additional Great websites:

Lambert Dolphin (physicist)

Barry Setterfield (physicist)


My articles:

Big Bang Evolutionism, do you know what you believe?


For additional information go to:

My main science page

Main topics on the constancy of the speed of light

Implications of a non-constant velocity of light

The speed of light implications simplified (so the average person can understand why this is so profound and important in the origins debate)

For the more technically minded


Miscellaneous files:

The Mystery of Life's Origin (video)

Icons of Evolutioin (video)

The Case for a Creator (video)

The Privileged Planet (video) (stream video)

Problems with Chemical Evolution (pdb)


Lecture at FAU, Spring 09 on Chemical Evolution talk mp3 | Q&A mp3

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