A few of my interests:
my Son - Morley Jacob
my Daughter -Jessica Grace
my Son - Judah Timothy
a tribute page to my dad
science and faith issues
misc interests...

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Authentic Christianity Study
I am currently teaching a Bible study at Crossroads Community Church in Nampa. Please come join us. more...
Authentic Christianity - Book
The book that the Lord used to break me free from a life of dead religion and to open my eyes to a most radical and abundant personal and intimate relationship with the God-man, Jesus was Authentic Christianity, by Ray C. Stedman. More...

Science and Faith
Don’t believe the perpetuated myth that science and faith are at odds with each other. Modern science, especially in the areas of cell function and the unimaginable information found in the DNA of all cells is, like no time in history, shouting the existence of God. Though science is not equipped to describe Him, it is conclusively, through empirical reasoning, showing He is there! more...


Thanks for stopping by my website. I'd like to invite you to take a look around and have a glimpse into my world. I have many diverse interests and am passionate about my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ and the amazing family with which He has blessed me.


  My Brief Resume
I grew up in Redding, California and graduated from Shasta High School in 1986. After graduation from Shasta, I moved to San Diego and attended Point Loma Nazarene University for four years. Upon graduation from Point Loma with Bachelorís degrees in chemistry and biology, in 1990 I moved to Reno, Nevada to attend graduate school under the guidance of David A. Lightner at the University of Nevada in organic chemistry. After completion of my doctorate in 1995, I accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in photoorganic chemistry under the guidance of William G. Dauben at the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!). After the completion of my fellowship, I joined a small company in Menlo Park, California by the name Neurex Corporation. While working as a Medicinal Chemist for Neurex, I worked with a team of scientists on a novel pain drug called SNX-111. This drug was actually quite remarkable in that it is 100-1000 times more powerful than morphine, without many of the associated side effects. Neurex was purchased by Elan Pharmaceuticals and shortly after I left biotech to pursue my current career in academia. Iíve been a Professor of Chemistry at Northwest Nazarene University since 1999.
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